Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winchester Trip

 The kids had a blast at our campsite. This huge sand hill was our backyard and provided hours upon hours of playtime for the kids.

If you look closely at the picture to the right, you can see Jeremy rolling down the hill in a box.  This was a hoot, our very nice neighbors gave the big kids the box and they got to sit back and enjoy the show.

What's a riding trip without Repairs?  One might think that the repairs are part of the fun for these guys.

 Basco wasn't too happy about being on the leash the whole time. But he did most of his pouting on this chair. He "let" Chris share it with him.
Taking a break after a ride. Cameron, Amy, Ryan, Chris and Bruce (Chris's Dad)

This picture shows how our campsites were connected. The white toy trailer closest is Amy & Chris's and was our kitchen and bathroom (Thanks again Amy and Chris). The black trailer in the middle is our trailer. Then in the far end was our nice neighbors that thankfully enjoyed our kids.

I regret not taking my small camera with me on one of my rides. It would be great to have some of those pictures.  Everyone got to ride, even the boys went up Banshee hill with Daddy. Rhys couldn't get enough and refused to take his helmet off.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School pictures

Ty is having to choose which school to apply for next year, can you believe it? We've gone to Open Houses and listened to everyone tell us why he should choose their school. The whole idea of having to choose the direction of your education at 5th grade blows me away. In the end he has chosen a school that has a main focus is Environmental Science. They get to go out in the field at different sites once a week and write a full report on it. It's extremely demanding school. and get this, he would have to be on the bus a 6:40am! This won't be a problem for Ty, since he was a baby he loved getting up early. Well cross your fingers for Ty. There are only 60 slots and over 200 applicants. It's done by lottery so lets hope Luck is in the air.
I can't believe they actually got them to look good in the same shot.
It's the only picture I have where they both look sweet.
Taken shortly before their 3rd Birthday

KayLeigh is blooming into such a beautiful young lady.
9 years old / 4th grade
Kay has been joining Ty and I at all the open houses, and she's starting to realize that Ty isn't going to be by her side next year. She is very nervous. He is her security blanket. She's making some nice friends at school so that should help ease the transition.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BBQ at El Dorado Park

Bring your kids, playing gear and a side-dish. Let's get the nets up, balls flying and frisbee's whirling.

The map below shows the layout of the park. We will have someone there at 7ap to hold a spot. (Unfortunately without a large group, 500+, you cannot reserve a spot.) The address for the park is
7550 E. Spring St. 562-570-1773.

Mel's Cell phone number is 503-550-0433

Monday, May 24, 2010

My new pathway - my Mother's Day gift.

I was a bit forward this Mother's Day and asked for exactly what I wanted. Some might think that it takes away from the romance. But if I left it to Ryan he would have gotten me more diamonds and I already have more then I can wear. I know I know I'm an odd girl to ask for slate instead of diamonds, but I know what I want ;)

I saw a walkway at my friend Terri Scott's in Trout Lake over ten years ago and have been lusting after it ever since. She had slate winding through the grass with woolly thyme growing in between. It had been there for some time so it was well established and the thyme was like a carpet. When you walked you could smell the thyme. Just gorgeous.

On Saturday we went out and hand picked the rocks and laid them out. It took three trips to get all the stone that was needed but in the end, and a ton of stone later, I just love it.